Climate change and sustainability services

Environmental Impact Assessments

This methodology is aimed to identify and understand the environmental impacts of an innovation, to implement strategies to mitigate the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones and to evaluate the results of this implementation. The final outcome is reported in an Environmental Statement.

​Our experts can provide support along the whole EIA process or at specific stages. We can determine the need of an EIA under the regulations, the relevant aspects to be covered in the study to tailor it to the organizational/regulatory needs, we can perform baseline studies to evaluate the current scenario, to identify the potential environmental, economic and social aspects and to provide support in writing Environmental Statements.

Environmental Risk Assessments

Our experts support the development of risk assessment design, perform risk assessments and conduct risk assessment report reviews to ensure product quality. We are able to perform human health and environmental risk assessments aimed to improve decision-making associated with land remediation, development and investments. We are able to evaluate risks related with a wide-variety of environmental contaminants. The Blue Synergy team will accompany your business in the design andd implementation of environmental and human risk assessment, based on the outcomes from environmental fate processes modelling (those include chemicals persistence in air, water and soil; reactivity and degradation; migration in groundwater; bioaccumulation in aquatic or terrestrial organisms, etc.).

Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management is a methodology that manages not only the product design, but also the materials and the quality while effectively collaborating with other stakeholders and ensuring that product plans remain confidential. Life Cycle Management is closely linked to Life Cycle Thinking. Life Cycle Thinking is a framework that is aimed to minimize negative environmental and social impacts of a product or service through the whole life cycle.

Natural Capital Management

Natural capital is a term used increasingly to refer to the ways the natural environment produces value for business and wider society. Blue Synergy experts evaluate ecosystem services quantitatively. We contribute in projects aimed to restore vital ecosystems and promote sustainability. Our services include natural capital management assessment & mapping, economic valuation of changes in natural features and identification of business opportunities associated with the natural capital approach.

Social Life Cycle Assessments

This methodology is applied to evaluate the social impacts of implementing innovations. S-LCA makes use of generic and site-specific data, can be quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative. The following social impact categories can be addressed: health and safety; jobs creation; working conditions; well-being; human rights; cultural heritage; governance and socio-economic repercusion can be addressed. The stakeholder categories that can be assessed include workers, local community, society, consumers and value chain actors.

Life Cycle Costing

Life cycle costing is the process of compiling all costs that the owner or producer of an asset will incur over its lifespan. Life Cycle Costing is a means of estimating all the costs involved in procuring, operating, maintaining and ultimately disposing a product throughout its life. Through the implementation of this mehtodology Blue Synergy experts will will able to trace costs and revenues of a cost object over several calendar periods. This will enable you to make decisions on acquisition, maintenance, refurbishment or disposal to be made in the light of full cost implications.

Carbon and Water Management

Our team can support you to calculate the carbon and water footprint of your organization, to define the emission and water consumption reduction objectives and the implementation strategy to achieve them. We also provide smart strategies to improve organizational resilience towards water scarcity.

Corporate and legal compliance

We can lead our clients towards the design and implementation of environmental strategy, industrial sustainability, and environmental management systems (EMS) throughout the process, including the ISO14001 certification and EPDs. We also support organizations with environmental permitting, health & safety risk assessments.